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Leading Mixer Manufacturer

Over 24 years experience and knowledge of the commercial planetary mixer and dough mixer, dedicated to provide the best economical mixers with high quality to our customers from all over the world. We are approved many international products certificates like ETL CE NSF ROHS Since 1997.

Trusted Suppliers

We are independent on the product innovation and manufacturing, we do not follow and copy the product trend, we are always develop the mixers base on the customers need. We are the most trusted suppliers of the commercial mixers.

We are Professional


Most of our engineers are over 20 years experienced.

We are Powerful


We have the teams who love our factory’s cultures.

We are Trusted


We manufacture the satisfied mixers to our customers.

Certified Products

Approved Mixers

Our mixers are approved by the ETL CE NSF ROHS.

We are Creative


We don’t follow and copy the products, just create and innovate.

We are Honest


We are very happy and honest to serve our customers

24 Years Experience

We are the first professional manufacturer of the commercial planetary mixers and dough mixers in China

Certified Factory

Most of our planetary mixers and dough mixers are approved by the international certificate organizations.

Best Mixer Supplier in China

We start the production of commercial mixers in 1997, we are the most experienced mixer manufacturer in China.

Best mixer innovator in China

We only innovate and make the mixers, never imitate and copy the others. The Original is the most important.

Frequently Ask Questions

When was the factory started?

Starich (Xinfeng) Food Machinery Factory is established in 1997, focus on the manufacturing of the commercial planetary mixer and dough mixer.

How do you control the product quality?

All the quality control staffs and managers are growing up in our internally factory, so we know all the products of our factory and we can control the quality steps from beginning to shipping.

What is the factory capacity?

Our factory is 20000 square meters in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China. Now total over 150 experienced employees are working for us, lots of digital CNC are applied in the facility to make the perfect machines.

What product certificates does the factory own?

All the factory management are approved by ISO 9001. The planetary mixers and dough mixers are certified by the ETL, CSA, ROHS and CE, the customer are worry free to purchase our products.