Starich Dough Mixer

The spiral dough mixer is critical part for the bakery and pizza shop that need large amounts of bread and pizza, our reliable and durable dough mixer are very good for heavy duty purpose.

Starich spiral dough mixer are in different ranges from 10 liters to 80 liters to meet all the customer’s need. Our dough mixer is very stable, quiet, long life and easy to operate.

Dough Mixer - Category Image


Starich commercial spiral dough mixers are stable and durable with stainless steel bowl and protection guard, it is your best kitchen mate for preparing the pizza, cookie and bread.


All of our Starich dough mixers are designed for long life usage, the powerful motor, the correct driving structure, and with the stainless steel parts that touch the material.

Easy to Operate

We don’t use the complicated control panel, the panel on our Starich spiral dough mixer are very friendly to operate, easy to touch, and safe for long life.

Safe to Use

The starich dough mixer has a protection guard with stainless steel material to keep the hands safely when the operator to use the machine,

Dough Mixer Listing

  • Compact Design Digital Control 30 Liter Belt Drive HG30D Dough Mixer

  • Digital Control 30 Liter Belt Drive HS30D Spiral Dough Mixer

  • Digital Control 40 Liter Belt Drive HS40D Spiral Dough Mixer

  • Economical One Speed 25 Liter Chain Drive HN25C Spiral Dough Mixer

  • One Speed Chain Drive Button Control 20 Liter Spiral Dough Mixer HM20B